Your Phone is your new Bus Pass!

7/20/20 Big Bear Lake, CA – Mountain Transit has launched a new mobile ticketing application which gives riders a new and cashless fare payment choice. Mountain Transit bus passes may now be purchased using Mountain Transit’s new mobile fare app – Token Transit.

Token Transit is a free app which allows riders to purchase their bus passes on their smart phones using a credit or debit card. The app displays a digital pass on the rider’s phone screen, which is shown to the driver as the passenger gets on board.

Prior to the introduction of this app, passes for Mountain Transit, needed to be purchased through traditional means, and riders needed exact change when paying cash However, many riders told Mountain Transit they wanted to be able to purchase passes more easily, without having to go into Mountain Transit’s Administrative offices.

Sandy Benson, General Manager of Mountain Transit, felt this transition was especially important to Mountain Transit riders, in light of the current Covid-19 concerns and restrictions.

“Our goal is to create a safe, clean, and convenient experience which will allow riders to utilize our service more easily while maintaining social distancing and safe interactions.”

More than 80% of Mountain Transit riders own a smartphone and a system for easy mobile payments creates accessibility for everyone. With more accessibility, Mountain Transit hopes to attract and engage with new riders who might not ordinarily choose public transit as a means of mobility.

“Many riders are accustomed to using their smartphone as means of staying connected to friends, family, communities, in addition to conducting financial transactions.” added Benson, “We believe the Token Transit app provides another great option for cashless travel on Mountain Transit, which will seamlessly integrate into the lifestyle of current and potential new riders.”

Fifty-seven percent of Mountain Transit customers still pay fares by depositing cash into the fare box, as opposed to using prepaid forms of payment. A cashless fare transaction takes 4-5 seconds to conduct when boarding, whereas depositing cash in the fare box takes approximately 22 seconds. In order to improve trip time speeds, which continually rank high in priority in Mountain Transit rider feedback surveys, Mountain Transit has rolled out this solution with Token Transit to provide riders another option to pay fares and reduce cash payments.

While the app displays a digital pass on the phone’s screen, eliminating the need for a paper pass; Cash fares and traditional bus passes will continue to be accepted in addition to the new digital passes.

“This app makes riding the bus that much more convenient, no hunting for exact change, or visiting the Administrative office to purchase punch passes” says Tiffany Millburn, Marketing and Planning Manager for Mountain Transit “You can even purchase passes for a family member or friend to utilize and send it directly to their phone,” adding “We encourage everyone to try it.”

Download the free Token Transit app on your Apple or Android phone, or text “Token” to 41411 for a download link to get started.

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