Red Line

Big Bear Red Line

The Village – Moonridge – Bear City – Sugarloaf – Erwin Lake
Monday thru Sunday

Route Information

The Red Line Trolley runs on a loop from The Village at Knickerbocker Rd to Erwin Lake.

Popular Destination

  • Bear Mountain Ski Resort
  • Snow Summit Ski Resort
  • Erwin Lake
  • Big Bear Airport
  • The Village
  • Big Bear Lake Convention Center
  • Stater Bros Supermarket

Interactive Map

Route Schedule

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Village @ Knickerbocker Rd
//// //// //// 7:00am 7:30am 8:00am 8:30am 9:00am 9:45am 10:15am 10:45am 11:15am 11:45am 12:15pm 12:45pm 1:15pm 1:45pm 2:15pm 3:15pm 3:45pm 4:15pm 5:30pm 6:00pm 6:30pm 7:30pm 8:00pm 8:30pm
Snow Summit (Switzerland & Summit)
//// //// //// 7:08am 7:38am 8:08am 8:38am 9:08am 9:53am 10:23am 10:53am 11:23am 11:53am 12:23pm 12:53pm 1:23pm 1:53pm 2:23pm 3:23pm 3:53pm 4:23pm 5:38pm 6:08pm 6:38pm 7:38pm 8:08pm 8:38pm
Bear Valley Hospital
//// //// //// 7:11am 7:41am 8:11am 8:41am 9:11am 9:56am 10:26am 10:56am 11:26am 11:56am 12:26pm 12:56pm 1:26pm 1:56pm 2:26pm 3:26pm 3:56pm 4:26pm 5:41pm 6:11pm 6:41pm 7:41pm 8:11pm 8:41pm
Bear Mountain Resort
//// //// //// 7:17am 7:47am 8:17am 8:47am 9:17am 10:02am 10:32am 11:02am 11:32am 12:02pm 12:32pm 1:02pm 1:32pm 2:02pm 2:32pm 3:32pm 4:02pm 4:32pm 5:47pm 6:17pm 6:47pm 7:47pm 8:17pm 8:47pm
Big Bear Blvd (Stater Bros.)
//// //// //// 7:27am 7:57am 8:27am 8:57am 9:27am 10:12am 10:42am 11:12am 11:42am 12:12pm 12:42pm 1:12pm 1:42pm 2:12pm 2:42pm 3:42pm 4:12pm 4:42pm 5:57pm 6:27pm 6:57pm 7:57pm 8:27pm 8:57pm
Airport (By Request)
//// //// //// 7:34am 8:04am 8:34am 9:04am 9:34am 10:19am 10:49am 11:19am 11:49am 12:19pm 12:49pm 1:19pm 1:49pm 2:19pm 2:49pm 3:49pm 4:19pm 4:49pm 6:04pm 6:34pm 7:04pm 8:04pm 8:34pm 9:04pm
Sugarloaf Fire Station
//// //// //// 7:42am 8:12am 8:42am 9:12am 9:42am 10:27am 10:57am 11:27am 11:57am 12:27pm 12:57pm 1:27pm 1:57pm 2:27pm 2:57pm 3:57pm 4:27pm 4:57pm 6:12pm 6:42pm 7:12pm 8:12pm 8:42pm 9:12pm
Erwin Lake (Oak Ln)
//// //// //// 7:53am 8:23am 8:53am 9:23am 9:53am 10:38am 11:08am 11:38am 12:08pm 12:38pm 1:08pm 1:38pm 2:08pm 2:38pm 3:08pm 4:08pm 4:38pm 5:08pm 6:23pm 6:53pm 7:23pm 8:23pm 8:53pm 9:23pm


Revised 11.25.2023

Eastbound service starts from The Village at Knickerbocker Rd at 7:00 AM, final Trolley leaves this stop at 8:30 PM.

Westbound service starts from Erwin Lake at 6:25 AM, final Trolley leaves this stop at 8:25 PM.

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