New Mountain Transit Website

COMING 2/1/2021

Fellow San Bernardino Community Members and Beloved Riders,

Something exciting has been happening over here at Mountain Transit over the last few months and we’re finally ready to reveal what we’ve been hard at work on!

We’re delighted to announce that over the past several months, we’ve been building a brand new, beautiful website and it’s finally ready.

We went to work and completely rebuilt our entire website from the ground up to include some important features and to make sure the user experience is as efficient as possible.

Below are the major highlights and what you can expect from our new site:

Streamlined User Experience
We focused on ensuring our new website has a smooth user experience to allow for easy access to the content most important to you. Your digital interactions with us should be as efficient as possible so you can accomplish more in fewer clicks.

Route Previews in the Menu
You can now preview the route you’re looking for before you navigate to the page. As you hover over the route you’re interested in, you can see a preview of the route right in the drop-down menu!

See Your Bus in Real-Time
We added DoubleMap integration right on the front page! Now you can track the exact location of your bus in real-time and know exactly when your bus is arriving. View from the front page for immediate access and instant updates.

Greater Accessibility
Websites should be accessible for everyone and we are no exception! We know how crucial it is for you to access the transportation you need for the important services in your life and that means having a website fit for every type of ability. We promise to continue improving to serve you with greater and greater accessibility.

Footer Quick Links
We’ve also included the addition of footer quick links! We’ve added these as icon buttons at the bottom of every page for quick and easy access to the content you search for most. No matter where you are on the website, you can access important information with one click.

Enhanced Functionality
• We’ve upgraded our alerts so you can stay updated on road conditions and service changes as soon as they happen.
• You can easily access the fares and schedules for all Mountain Transit routes in one central location, along with on each route page.
• Plan your trip right on the front page.
• See our employment section and apply to one of our open positions.
• Translate the website into 108 languages with a click of a button.

You, our Riders, are the most important to us and at the top of our priority is ensuring we’re always doing our best to serve you the way you deserve. We hope you enjoy our new website. We keep going for you!

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