Bus Advertising

Why Choose Bus Advertising?

Bus ads help support public transit, a vital community service, and are a responsible way to help the environment. Your ad on a bus tells people that you are supporting the needs and interests of your community.

Why is bus advertising effective?

It drives your advertising dollars further! With unbeatable value and tremendous impact, bus advertising is a smart choice to complement almost any marketing program. Your message can reach more people, for a longer period of time — and at a lower cost — than other forms of media.

Bus ads find audiences and they can’t be turned off or impulsively thrown in the trash.

Bus ads repeat your message, over and over.

Repetition is a key factor in any successful advertising program. Bus ads build exceptional recall because they’re seen by drivers and pedestrians who are actively looking at their surroundings every day.

Your message is enhanced by its marketing “vehicle”.

Bus ads reach a wide audience.

Who looks at bus ads? You do! And so do thousands of other people, every day. Buses display your message as they travel past all demographic groups over a wide geographic area. Who, specifically, is looking? Primarily, it’s area residents and commuters. Pedestrian traffic, bicyclists, and bus riders are also exposed to your message regularly. Tourists and area visitors are a considerable secondary audience. Summer and fall are excellent times to widen the reach of your message, as the mountain is flooded with pedestrians and drivers who are especially receptive to advertising messages promoting local products, services, and destinations.

TAIL LIGHT PANEL (aka Slot Back)

Tail Light Panel ads, which are printed on vinyl banner material, are located under the rear window. These signs are inserted into an aluminum framing system between the bus’ rear tail lights.

HALF TAIL WRAP (aka Half Back)

Half Wraps are located just below the bus’ rear window, which take up a good portion of the Bus Tail. These custom fit ads are made of adhesive vinyl, and are larger than Tail Light Panel Ads. A three-month minimum is required for Half Tail Wraps.

FULL TAIL WRAP (aka Full Back)

Full Tail Wraps pack a powerful punch! These high-impact wraps cover a majority of the bus’ backside from bumper to roof. They offer the largest ad space, and certain to leave a lasting impression on motorists / passersby as it travels throughout the target market. Three-month minimum.


Advertise on 1 of 3 rear windows of the Trolley. Month to Month. Subject to share with other ads.


Advertise on all 3 rear windows of the Trolley.


If you are interested in placing a bus ad, please send an email to:


If you are interested in placing a bus ad, please read and fill-out the form below. For more inquiries email us at marketing@mountaintransit.org or contact us at 909-878-5200.



Place check next to each item agreed to:
  • To comply with Mountain Transit’s criteria for advertising on Mountain Transit’s vehicles, below is the listed criteria and is made a part of this agreement.
  • Mountain Transit does not guarantee specific routes or buses.
  • To provide artwork in electronic format to Marketing@MountainTransit.org: Specifications for Client submitted Artwork: size 58 ¼” x 18 ¼” : Photos must be 300dpi CMYK : Please outline all typography. -OR-
  • To have Mountain Transit’s design consultant create and prepare artwork with one revision for an additional $400.00. (additional revisions available at additional cost).
  • Pay 50% of contract due at time of signing. The balance to be paid in full before the installation of ad on bus.


The following is not permitted:
  • Political advertising, including but not limited to, advertisement implying a position for or against any political candidate, public issue or subject.
  • Advertisements that contain or promote the sale or use of alcohol or tobacco products (including vapes).
  • False, Misleading, or deceptive advertisements.
  • Advertisements that promote illegal activity or which advocate violence or crime.
  • Advertisements that contain language that is obscene, vulgar or profane.
  • Advertisements that infringe on any copyright, patent, or service mark.
  • Advertisements that contain images, copy or concepts that actively denigrate a specific age, religion, ethnic or gender group.
  • Advertisements that contain images, copy or concepts that actively denigrate public transportation.
  • Mountain Transit reserves the right to reject any advertising submitted for display on MT property/vehicles that does not meet the policy guidelines or is otherwise determined inappropriate. Decisions regarding the rejection or removal of advertisements shall be made by the General Manager in conformance with the Policy Criteria.

The undersigned agrees to the term, conditions and criteria above:



Another great way to reach your target audience (motorists and pedestrians) is with Bus Shelter Ads. These eye-catching ads pair great with Transit Bus Tail Ads.


If you are interested in placing a bus shelter ad, please send an email to Big Bear Outdoor Advertising: